Our History

Growing up in Southern Illinois in the 1950’s and 60’s, I remember the Tamale Man who sold hot tamales for 10 cents each. They were a treat, and the town looked forward to the weekends when they were sold.

After the Tamale Man stopped selling them, I never thought much about tamales until my mom began making them in the 1970’s. Whenever I visited home, there were always tamales in the freezer. Family and friends always enjoyed them.

My interest in tamales began during a visit with my mom, about 25 years ago, at which time I saw her prepare the tamales. Observing the process sparked my interest, and I decided to write down the recipe. Still it took me 5-6 years before my wife Gloria and I would attempt to make them on our own. I would take them to work to test them and get feedback. After several months of testing and perfecting the recipe, people began to request different types, at which time we began to make turkey and a beef/pork combination.

Kingdom’s Best is not a traditional tamale. We currently offer Pork, Beef, Turkey and Veggie Tamales. Customers continue to enjoy Kingdom’s Best Tamales TM because of the quality and taste.
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